Crossroads & Cruises is a blog dedicated to the wider Black Sea region, a historical crossroad of people and cultures as well as a maritime route of discovery, trade, and domination since Iason’s legendary journey to the shores of Colchis.

We’re aiming to tell the story of a widely underreported region that is nevertheless crucial to European, and global, security.

Nowadays, no less, the Black Sea region is a geopolitical hotspot: Russian naval power is on the rise again, and while the eastern Balkans have joined the EU, Turkey’s future between the Union and the Islamic world is anything but certain. On its northern and eastern shores, young states that have emerged from the rubble of the Soviet Union are only just crafting their future political, economic, and social trajectories. This blog is aiming to tell their stories.

We’re excited that you’re on board! Your suggestions and criticisms will help make this blog better, and your positive comments will be the wind in our sails.

Featured image: Map of the Black Sea by Portuguese cartographer Diogo Homem, ca 1559. Wikimedia Commons